Sunday, February 8, 2009


So as you can tell from the picture above I'm feeling very blah. Started feeling kinda yucky on Friday and by Saturday afternoon I was blah. I decided to go ahead and go to the doctor because I am so busy at work with a RFP that there is no way I can miss any work. In the end, I have a bad sinus infection and an ear infection in both ears. So, I'm sure with all that I'm taking I will be in top shape by tomorrow!

Monday, February 2, 2009


$80 can buy alot of things. It can buy you 80 items on the Wendy's $.99 menu. It can buy you a new pair of Lucky jeans if they are on sale. It can buy you quite a few groceries. For me $80 buys me toll fees every month to go to and come home from work. As I have tried to become a little bit more budget minded I took a look at that and thought that was just too much to spend to just travel on roads. Obviously there are other roads that I can take to work that are free. So, since I didn't have to take Katie to school, I decided to leave a little bit early and take free roads to work this morning. I figured I wouldn't give up toll roads completely. I would take free roads in the morning because one is really never in a rush to get to work and I figured there would be some extra time involved not traveling a toll road and then take the toll roads in the afternoon. I would be saving $40 a month! This was much easier said than done. Sure the roads were free this morning but I guess so were all of the red lights that I had to stop at and the 20mph school zones. My car is German, it longs for the lightless stretches of toll road that you can freely zoom down as if it were the Autobahn not the constant stop/start of morning traffic. And to top it off, some crazy driver in a Suburban decided to take a left from the middle lane right in front of me! This would have never happened on the toll road!!! So, I think I have decided that maybe I can cut $40 out of the budget somewhere else.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Settling In

After much work, I finally feel like we are settling in at our new in all of us (including Chico and Frida). Pictures are hung on the wall, vines are hung up in Katie's room and boxes are unpacked. But, does all that mean that it feels like home? What makes a place feel like home? I think the people and the memories made are what makes a place feels like home. I recently went to the movies with Shay and we saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Buton. Great, great movie! A movie that makes you think. Anyway, the character of his mom in the movie said something that really started me thinking, she said "You never know what life has coming for you." I find this to be so very true. I want to think that what life has coming for me and my baby girl will be filled with much happiness and lots of new fun memories! By the way, the picture of Chico has absolutely nothing to do with this post, I just thought it was a cute picture of him.