Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fun at Fair Park

Katie and I headed out to Fair Park on Saturday morning to go to the Science Museum. We got there a little early so we could walk around the lake and see the turtles and fish too. We had a blast taking pictures and checking things out.

After hanging out with the big elephant and climbing trees, it was time to go inside the Science Museum and turn into spies!! Of course I am updating this post from work and just realized that I only have one picture of that.

So after doing some spying we went to find out more about the human body. Katie got to stand underneath a giant sneezing nose, see what it looks like on the inside when mucous runs down the back of the throat and also what it looks like from the inside when someone throws up....all such lovely things! Katie also made some huge bubbles! We had such a great time!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Poison Ivy

On poor Katie Kat's face and eye! Very red and itchy. That just about covers everything on this subject....not her favorite or mine!