Tuesday, March 31, 2009

V is for Volleyball

Katie had her very first volleyball game last Saturday and she did so great and we won! She got 5 points in a row off of her awesome serving!!! I was so proud of her and I can't wait for the next game. Who knew that my kid would be so good at volleyball? I was horrible! It always hurt my arms and let's face it folks, I'm not exactly at the best height for the sport. Here are a few shots of the game....

Thursday, March 26, 2009


If you ever thought that your mother embarrassed you.....just be happy this isn't your mom!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

Some friends and I went to the Irish Rover last night for St. Patrick's Day.  We had such a blast.  I couldn't believe how crowded it was already at 6:30pm.  Don't people have to work?  Anyway, today is my last day off work for Spring Break with Katie.  Today is a big day for her.  She is getting bangs!  She has been dying to cut them for a while and I have finally given in.  I will post pictures of her new hairdo later on!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Round Up!!

Katie is always keeping me on my toes. One day she is this super sweet girlie girl who wants a sewing machine and makes pretty pillows and then the next day she is this crazy girl who wants to go to Sweetwater Texas so that she can see the world's largest rattlesnake roundup! That's right folks....enjoy these creepy pictures from our trip to the Rattlesnake Roundup in Sweetwater. I can honestly say that I totally underestimated the creepiness of all the snakes and the constant sound of their rattles.



                                     My sweet baby who wanted to see this creepy event!

If you ever wondered what kind of people attend this kind of thing......behold some crowd shots!

                                                           Glad it wasn't my foot!

                   Obviously when you work with snakes for so long you grow a snake tail!


                                                                  Ready to strike!

                                   Do you really want to know how many snakes are in here?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Makings of a Pizza

The other night Katie and I decided to make a pizza. It was so fun! In case you don't know how....here are the instructions along with illustrations of how to make a pizza according to Katie.

Step 1 - Toss the pizza dough crust even though it is already pre-baked. Tossing is just too much fun of a step to miss!

Step 2 - Spread some sauce on the crust.

Step 3 - Sprinkle the cheese over the sauce.

Step 4 - Maybe eat some of the yummy cheese you are supposed to be putting on the pizza!

Step 5 - Put pizza in oven and wait for the finished product....Voila!

Field Trip Fun

Katie had an awesome school field trip on Tuesday. Her class went to the Elm Fork Learning Center at the University of North Texas. They had five different activities that they went to. All the kids had a blast, learned alot and the weather was great....good thing we went before the 09 rainy season.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

She is not just "Sew -Sew"

Katie has been dying to get a sewing machine. Now this brings up not so good memories for me. See, when I was in high school I had to take a sewing class as an elective. Let me just say that without the help of my mom and grandmother it would have been ugly. But anyway, Katie has had it in her mind that she could make the most wonderful things if she just had a sewing machine. So, for her all "A" report card reward this is what she got......