Sunday, March 15, 2009

Round Up!!

Katie is always keeping me on my toes. One day she is this super sweet girlie girl who wants a sewing machine and makes pretty pillows and then the next day she is this crazy girl who wants to go to Sweetwater Texas so that she can see the world's largest rattlesnake roundup! That's right folks....enjoy these creepy pictures from our trip to the Rattlesnake Roundup in Sweetwater. I can honestly say that I totally underestimated the creepiness of all the snakes and the constant sound of their rattles.



                                     My sweet baby who wanted to see this creepy event!

If you ever wondered what kind of people attend this kind of thing......behold some crowd shots!

                                                           Glad it wasn't my foot!

                   Obviously when you work with snakes for so long you grow a snake tail!


                                                                  Ready to strike!

                                   Do you really want to know how many snakes are in here?


Jeff said...

Katie should combine her interests and sew a snake!

BTW, were you undercover, using a hidden camera built into your glasses to take these pics? Or is that black around the edges the work of Photoshop?

Heather said...

No I was not undercover. Just a photoshop touch for added drama!!

Carmelle, Vincent, Lilly, & Bailey Martinez said...

Yikes on the snakes!! Katie and you deserve awards for going to see all those snakes. I can't even look at the pictures without getting the willies!! And Katie is truly an eclectic girl--way to go!! :)

Jeni said...