Thursday, August 14, 2008

Still Working On It

So I'm sorry that I have yet to post the circus pictures. I am still working on them. I didn't take my good camera...big mistake. I only took the little Nikon and the pictures were horrible because I couldn't really change alot of settings so they are dark and grainy! Drives me crazy. I have also been busy trying to get a job and I did!!! I am going to be working at Griffin Middle School in The Colony as an aide. Doesn't pay much but I am using it as a stepping stone this year to hopefully get my own classroom next year. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Anyway, Katie and I are going to the lake this weekend with Shay and the kids. Should be loads of fun and I am taking my good camera for lots of pictures. I also hope to do some improvements with the blog. Check out my new slideshow to the right of some of my favorite photos!!!