Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sounds of Class

Last night we went to UTD (University of Texas at Dallas) and hung out at Sounds of Class. Shay, Audrey and Sam came along and we had the BEST time. The UTD students put on a fair and teach the kids all kinds of science stuff, math things and just fun games. The Richardson symphony also put on a show and there was fireworks at the end. We took a blanket and a picnic dinner and just hung out and relaxed.

The Kids Hanging Out

The Damaskes

Grape Trick by Shay

Shay's all too willing student

I have no idea who this is?

Me and my girl

Cool Glasses



abby and paxton said...

Looks like a ton of fun! Katie is so SILLY!. I LOOOOOOOOVE those pictures you took of her by the lake w the petty-coat skirt. She is so pretty. Great job on the editing. I'm glad you take time to do photography every once in awhile- since you love it so much and you're so good at it... keep it up.