Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Fun

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  Ours was great!!  Katie must have been a really good girl this year as she got double the Santa....presents from him at her Dad's house and presents from him at my house.  Here is a picture of the load from my house.
She even found this cool new yellow (Katie's favorite color) Nano in her stocking!

Santa also brought her the cool new High School Musical School!

Here is a picture of Katie with her YaYa and the Virginia Rose picture of Katie. Mom has one of both me and Paxton too. The lady who does them is amazing. She does the portrait by just looking at the person and cutting their profile out with scissors on black paper!

Katie also got a cool new bike from YaYa and Mr. Steve. They have the perfect street for her to ride her bike on.

Now all of Mr. Steve's kids have made it to town so we will be busy for the next couple of days hanging out with them and doing fun stuff. More pictures will follow I'm sure as I am making it a point to be a better blogger no matter how many hours I put on the computer at work!!


Carmelle, Vincent, Lilly, & Bailey Martinez said...

Congrats, Katie, on all those cool presents!! I really like that bike! Hope y'all had a great Christmas!!

Brian, Jeni, Nat, and Stephen said...

Oh Katie, cool nano!
I love love that picture, I have to do it! Merry Christmas you guys!

Jeff said...

Something tells me Yaya has a shirt with a peace sign on it that matches Katie's.